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But What About the Secret Gospels?

Turkish Title: Kayıp İnciller

Original Title: The Missing Gospels

Author: Darrell L. Brock

ImageUnearthing the Truth Behind Alternative Christianities.

New Testament expert Darrell Brock, in an easy-to-understand writing style, helps readers examine the claims about missing "secret" gospels and other early forms of Christianity. Brock presents extra-biblical materials and compares them to biblical texts, enabling readers to make their own judgments.

The Canon of Scripture

Turkish Title:  Kutsal Yazı Kanonu 

Original Title:  The Canon of Scripture

Author:  F.F. Bruce


ImageWinner of two Christianity Today Awards: Readers' Choice and a ECPA Gold Medallion Award winner!

How did the books of the Bible come to be recognized as Holy Scripture? Who decided what shape the canon should take? What criteria influenced these decisions? After nearly nineteen centuries the canon of Scripture still remains an issue of debate.


Philosophy and Faith

Turkish Title:  Filozoflar ve İnanç

Original Title:  Thinking About Faith

Author:  David Cook

ImageDavid Cook takes an in-depth look at different philosophies and the ideas behind them in his book Thinking About Faith.

He explores the relationship between philosophy and religion, and deals with questions about faith, Christianity and philosophy.  Without getting lost in fine distinctions, Cook gives detailed explanations of current and ancient philosphies and the main ideas behind them. 

How Can a Good God Allow Pain?

Turkish Title: Acı Sorunu

Original Title:  The Problem of Pain

Author: C. S. Lewis

Image C. S. Lewis' Biblical and articulate response to an age-old question is now available in Turkish!   

Why must humanity suffer?

In this thoughtful, elegant work, master apologist C. S. Lewis looks at the pain and suffering that occur everyday and how they contrast with the notion of a God who is both omnipotent and good.

Having Confidence in the Gospels

Turkish Title: Müjdeler'e Güvenebilir Miyiz?

Original Title: Can We Trust the Gospels?

Author: Mark D. Roberts

Image Attacks on the historical reliability of the Gospels—especially their portrayal of Jesus Christ—are nothing new. But are these attacks legitimate? Is there reason to doubt the accuracy of the Gospels? By examining and refuting some of the most common criticisms of the Gospels, author Mark D. Roberts explains why we can indeed trust the Gospels, nearly two millennia after they were written.

Christian Counter-culture

Turkish Title: Dağdaki Vaazın Mesajı

Original Title: Message of the Sermon on the Mount

Author: John Stott

Image "The followers of Jesus are to be different," writes John Stott, "different from both the nominal church and the secular world, different from both the religious and the irreligious." 

In this careful exposition of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, John R. W. Stott accurately expounds the biblical text and relates it to life today. Above all, the author says, he wants to let Christ speak this sermon again, this time to the modern world.