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Would God Allow His Word To Change

Turkish Title: Tevrat ve İncil'in Değişmezliği

Translation of Title: The Unchangeable Nature of the Bible

Author: İskender Cedid

Image"As one who believes in God, his books and his prophets, could I possibly act in contraventions of all the spiritual blessings, the promises of salvation, risk losing eternal life by changing His Word? As for those who don't believe, it is impossible for them to have changed it? Even if they could, they would have had to have destroyed all the existing copies and all of the Christians at that time would have had to just passively watched!"

The Crescent in the Light of the Cross

Turkish Title: Çarmıh ve Hilal

English Title: Answering Islam

Author: Norman L. Geisler ve Abdul Saleeb

ImageWhat are the fundamental beliefs of Islam and how can Christians respond to them?

Answering Islam evaluates the claims of orthodox Islam and examines the evidence for the Christian counterclaim, preparing you with strong apologetic answers.

What Islam and Christianity have to say about the Cross

Turkish Title: İncil'de ve Kuran'da Çarmıh

Translation of Title: The Cross in the Bible and the Qur'an

Author: İskender Cedid

ImageUsing vocabulary familiar to readers of the Qur'an, this booklet concisely presents Islamic teaching about the cross as found in the Qur'an and Christian teaching about the cross as found in the Bible.

The first two chapters present many verses from each book.

Who Do People Say That I Am?

Turkish Title: İncil'de ve Kuran'da Mesih

Original Title: Şahsiyyat al-Masih fi al-İncil wa al-Qur'an

Author: Abdul Fâdî

ImageJesus asked his disciples this question two thousand years ago. It is such an important question that it has been asked through the centuries and is still asked today. And it will remain the most important question of all, as long as the earth remains.

The question divides people into different groups according to their thoughts and responses to it.

A comparison between Muhammad and Christ

Turkish Title: Günahsız Olan Var Mı?

Original Title: Ist Jemand Ohne Sünde?

Author: Abdul Mesih

Image This book poses an important question: "Is anyone without sin?" It then goes on to present the gospel, in Muslim-sensitive language, as it answers the question.

Successive chapters compare Muhammad and Christ: birth, their relationship to God, what we know about their sinlessness, their miracles and their deaths.

Finally it concludes by looking at God's mercy and considering who is greater.

Zacchaeus' Story Continues With Us

Turkish Title: Tanrı'yı Sabırla Beklemek

Original Title: Patience With God

Author: Tomas Halik

Image For all the debate about belief and nonbelief in today’s world—and how everyone becomes pigeonholed by one or the other— Tomáš Halík teaches that God requires us to persevere with our doubts, carry them in our hearts, and allow them to lead us to maturity.

For Halík, patience is the main difference between faith and atheism. Faith, hope, and love are three aspects of patience in the face of God’s silence, which is interpreted as “the death of God” by atheists and is not taken seriously enough by fundamentalists.