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Cross and Salvation

Jesus's last words on the cross

Turkish Title: İsa'nın Çarmıhtaki Yedi Sözü

Translation of Title: The Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross

Artist: İhsan Özbek

ImageIn this book, Ankara pastor İhsan Özbek examines the final words of Jesus on the cross. What was Jesus thinking and feeling as he was nailed to the cross? We cannot fully comprehend this, yet we have the Seven Sayings of Jesus on the cross recorded in the gospels to shed some light on this. Through His words on the cross we can learn about Him, about the human condition, about how much He loves us, and how He can save us.

What Jesus did for us on the cross!

Turkish Title: Kutsal Takas

Original Title: The Divine Exchange

Author: Derek Prince

Image In The Divine Exchange, Bible teacher Derek Prince describes 10 things that Jesus did for you at the cross (listed below). It is an awesome and powerful message that will have you thanking Jesus for his love and sacrifice. It’s the key to understanding what happened when Jesus died on the cross. God the Father made to meet together upon him the guilt, the perversity, the rebellion of all of us and all the evil consequences that follow rebellion.


Turkish Title: Ne'den Kurtulduk?

Original Title: Saved From What?

Author: RC Sproul

Image "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved," says the Bible. The logical question to follow such a statement is "Saved from what?" What exactly is it that humankind needs to be rescued from? The answer is not what, but who: God Himself. RC Sproul whittles the question down to its very core; that humanity must be saved by God from the wrath He would pour out upon them.

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Turkish Title: İsa'nın Tutkusu

Original Title: 50 Reasons Why Jesus Died

Author: John Piper

Image The most important element of the Christian faith is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Have you ever stopped to ask why it happened? Why did the Son of God have to die a horrible death on a piece of wood? Because God sent Him to. He was the Son of God and His own Father sent Him to die on earth, alone. Why would a loving God do such a thing to His own Son?

Understanding the Sacrifice of Christ

Turkish Title: Mesih’in Çarmıhı


Original Title: The Cross of Christ


Author: John Stott


Image Widely known as the greatest work of John Stott's career, The Cross of Christ bases its content upon the sacrifice of the Son of God being pivotal to the Christian faith. Stott says of Christ that "what dominated his mind was not the living but the giving of His life".  First the need for such an atonement must be understood before the implications of living life as a follower of Christ can be understood.

What Does Christ's Death Mean To Us?

Turkish Title: İsa'nın Acıları: Bundan Bize Ne?

Translation of Title: Christ's Suffering: What does it Mean for Us?

Author: Kamil Musa

ImageThis book would make an excellent gift for any friend who has watched The Passion of the Christ and has questions about Christ's death. It systematically answers the common objections. How can a just God kill His Son? Why would a loving God make His Son suffer?  Who is responsible for Christ's death? Has he really risen?