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Holy Spirit

Introducing You to the Person Least Understood in the Bible

Turkish Title: Kutsal Ruh Kimdir?

Original Title: Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Author: Derek Prince

Image This is a clear and quick read about the Holy Spirit. It breaks down who the Holy Spirit is and also the relationship between the Spirit and believers in Christ.

The book is written in simple terms. So it is very easy to understand, making it an excellent guide for beginners.

Power to be Holy

Turkish Title: Güçle Kuşanacaksınız

Original Title: You Shall Receive Power

Author: Derek Prince

Image Wouldn't you like to have someone who is always with you, gives expert advice, is constantly encouraging, brings comfort when you are sad, provides strength to persevere, delivers you in difficult situations, supplies all your needs, and fills you with power for living?

You can!

He's the Holy Spirit, and He is a special gift to you from God.

The Fire Spreads

Turkish Title: Kelam ve Ruh

Original Title: The Fire and the Staff

Author: Klemet İ. Preus

Image Lutheran answers to a number of important questions: Does the Holy Spirit have a body? How can you receive the Holy Spirit? How can I know whether the Holy Spirit is working in my congregation?


Signs of a Move of the Spirit

Turkish Title: Belirtileri ve Peygamberlikleri Anlamak

Original Title: Manifestations and Prophetic Symbolism

Author: John Arnott

Image Whenever an extraordinary move of God takes place in the Church, questions and concerns are raised, especially in connection with the manifestation that occur and the use of prophetic symbolism. Rather than arguing for or against the appearance of manifestations and the use of prophetic symbolism, John Arnott presents a balanced biblical study that will be helpful to many who are puzzled by what they see and hear from centres of revival around the world.


Study Guide for Lent Season

Turkish Title: Yardımcı

Original Title: The Helper

Author: Catherine Marshall

Image"Who is the Helper? How do I experience the Helper's presence? How does the Helper meet everyday needs? And, what is the Helper's role and function in the Church?" These are the types of questions Catherine Marshall answers in her book The Helper. In it she divulges the lessons she herself learned as she put into practice the biblical guidelines she found regarding the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer in Jesus.

What Are The Gifts of the Spirit?

Turkish Title: Vaftiz ve Doluluk

Original Title: Baptism and Fullness

Author: John Stott

Image Upon salvation, every follower of Christ is invaded by the Holy Spirit, Him dwelling in them and them in Him. However, few people know much about the Spirit or what His role is in this world now. Miracles still happen around the world, yet there is much debate about how, when, and with whom exactly the Spirit works. Stott frames his study with the scriptures that provide guidance and direction for the "baptism of the spirit" as found in the Bible.