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Jesus Christ

Easter - the Prince of Life

Turkish Title: Diriliş ve Yaşam Benim

Translation of Title: I am the Resurrection and the Life

Author: Banu Çelik

Image This book explains the truths of Easter. Death meets people as a shadow that they cannot escape from. Is man's destiny just this - death?  

However there is one who can break this vicious circle: Jesus Christ. He came from on high to dwell among us in order to taste death and to destroy death. He descended to the very root of the problem of death, our sin. He died on the cross as "the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." 

Christ in the Old Testament

Turkish Title: Tevrat ve Zebur'da İsa'yı Tanımak

Original Title: Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament

Author: Christopher J. H. Wright

Image  Aiming at an informed and non-academic approach, this book reveals how the Old Testament illuminates the New Testament with particular emphasis on the person of Jesus. It offers a new way of understanding Jesus, shows how Jesus' identity and work is described by the Old Testament, and shows how God's plan for Israel is lived out by Jesus .

Jesus' Teaching

Turkish Title: İsa'nın Öğretişlerinin Yöntem ve Mesajı

Original Title: The Method and Message of Jesus' Teaching

Author: Robert H Stein

ImageThis useful and practical book provides an interested layperson or a Bible study group with a much-need introductory guide to the "how" (method) and the "what" (message) of Jesus' teachings. It is a insightful, well-illustrated guide to evaluating Christ's teachings.

Tell Me About Jesus

Turkish Title: Bana Mesih's Anlat 

Original Title: Tell Me About Christ

Author: L. M. Abdullah

ImageIn this small book, one Turk explains the Gospel to another Turk. The book is set up as a conversation in which the Christian explains things like the necessity of a 'Lamb of God', Abraham's role in religious history, and our sin.

Chronological Account of Jesus' Life

Turkish Title: Hz. İsa'nın Yaşamı

English Title: The Life of Christ

ImageThis book introduces the life and teachings of Christ to those who know little about Him and don't have the time to read through all the Gospels.

Hz. İsa'nın Yaşamı is a chronological account of Christ's life. The words come straight from the Bible, providing an accurate and easy-to-understand history of Christ's life and the purpose of His coming.

Worshipping Christ

Turkish Title: Mesih'in Eşsizliği

Original Title: The Incomparable Christ

Author: J Oswald Saunders

ImageA special devotional designed and written for those who read it to encounter the uniqueness of Christ on a daily basis. Through Scripture and insight J Oswald Saunders points to the character of Christ as the source of joy, peace, and salvation.