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About Evangelism

A High Calling

Turkish Title: Misyoloji -Yüce Görev-

Original Title:  Mission, A High Calling

Author: Robert E. Lynn

Image A study covering: looking at the Bible through the framework of mission, understanding the heart of the Almighty God for mission, and living out our Christian calling to witness to the Kingdom of God.

In some cultures, a missionary is understood to be one who "goes to countries far, far away and evangelises there." But when we look at the Bible, we find Christians who are evangelists and missionaries both where they are found and to those outside of their local situation.

Learning From Christ About Evangelism

Turkish Title: Müjdecinin Rehberi

Original Title: The Master Plan of Evangelism 

Author: Robert E. Coleman

ImageColeman’s work has stood out for over forty years as a classic reference for those seeking to better understand and execute evangelism in our world today. Determined to ascertain a biblical model for evangelism, Coleman goes straight to the source Himself, Jesus Christ, the first evangelist.

Methods of Evangelism

Turkish Title: Etkin Müjdecilik

Original Title: Power Evangelism

Author: John Wimber  

Image Jesus began His ministry, including healing and performing miracles after His baptism with John the Baptist; Wimber conludes in his writing that similar events will give credability to followers of Christ as well. Wimber moves through the New Testament records of Christs miracles and signs, encouraging readers to abandon themselves to the Holy Spirit’s movement in their own lives.

How to Share the Gospel

Turkish Title: Ateşli Müjdecilik

Original title: Evangelism By Fire

Author: Reinhard Bonnke

Image Written by Reinhard Bonnke, this book is designed to stoke the fire of desire to see lost souls brought to Christ. Followers of Jesus are called to share the story that changed their lives through Spirit-led compassion for those who have never heard it. Challenging and encouraging, Bonnke discusses passionate evangelism with his readers in a way they will not forget.

Out of the Comfort Zone

Turkish Title: Sırça Köşkünden Çıkanlar

Orginal Title: Out of the Comfort Zone

Author: George Verwer

ImageReading this book could seriously change your attitude! George Verwer doesn't pull any punches in his heart's cry for a 'grace-awakened' approach to sharing faith and belief, and wants to cut through any superficial 'spirituality' that may be lurking inside.

Evangelism - Full List of Titles

The following books about evangelism are currently available:

Ateşli Müjdecilik (Evangelism by Fire) by Reinhard Bonnke, publisher: Yeni Yaşam

Etkin Müjdecilik (Power Evangelism) by John Wimber, publisher: Yeni Yaşam

İsa Tek Yol Mu?  (Jesus Our Destiny) by Wilhelm Busch, 10 TL, publisher: Gerçeğe Doğru ♣ NEW Apr 2011