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Good News for Women

Turkish Title: İsa Mesih ve Kadın

Translation of Title: Jesus Christ and "Woman"

Author: Yakup Korkmaz

Image Are women second-class citizens when it comes to religion? Did you know that God doesn't treat women as inferior and didn't create men more superior than them and that they are each equal?

Are sons more valuable than daughters?

What roles do men and women have?

A Financial Sacrifice

Turkish Title: Hristiyanlıkta Ondalık, Sunu ve Sadaka

Translation of Title: "Tithing, gifts and alms in Christianity"

Author: İlhan Keskinöz

Image "Most people who go to church, even those who are researchers or even the Pastor, believe that a tithe is "something that must be given to the church". But very few people genuinely give a tithe. It is not that they don't have enough information about the subject; it's that they don't have enough interest in the subject." writes Antalya pastor Rev İlhan Keskinöz.

Law and Gospel in the Church Today

Turkish Title: Kurtaran Kelam'ın Duyurulması

Original Title:  Handling the Word of Truth

Author: John T. Pless

Image Handling the Word of Truth is an excellent place to begin learning about Lutheran hermeneutics, theology, and law the and gospel. John Pless is a conservative confessional Lutheran, professor at Concordia Theological Seminary and a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. He writes about the topic of defining, understanding, and rightly applying the two separate concepts of Law and Gospel.

RC Sproul Explains the 5 Points of Calvinism

Turkish Title: Bilinmeyen Lütuf

Original Title: Grace Unknown

Author: R. C. Sproul

Image There may be no subject in Christiandom that is more misunderstood by the average church-goer than Calvinism or TULIP. In this book, Dr. Sproul helps the reader understand the key issues of the Reformation and walks you through the so-called 5 points of Calvinism - Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistable Grace and Perseverence of the Saints.

Pauline Theology

Turkish Title:  İsa ve Pavlus Aynı Fikirde Miydi?

English Title: The Gospel: Did Paul and Jesus Agree?

Author:  Peter Barnes

ImageThere are those who claim that Paul was the second founder of Christianity, and he has been accused of inventing the doctrine of everlasting punishment, of anti-Semitism and being prejudiced against women. Many try to separate Paul from Jesus and assert that he distorted the teachings of Christ. Others claim that there were a plurality of beliefs in the early church and that Paul and Jesus represented different schools of theology.

A Helpful and Thorough Resource

Turkish Title:  Tanrı Öğretisi

Original Title: Know the Truth 

Author:  Bruce Milne

ImageUnderstanding and appreciating who God is and what he has done for us is at the center of the Christian faith. Corret knowledge is the first step to getting everything else right--from home to work, from worship to witness, from self-understanding to service. In this concise handbook Bruce Milne masterfully summarizes what the Bible teaches about the major areas of Christian doctrine (the Bible, God, humanity, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the church and the last days).