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God's Amazing Design for Humanity

Turkish Title:  Soylu Yaratılış 

Original Title:  Designed for Dignity: What God Has Made It Possible for You to Be

Author:  Richard Pratt

ImageDesigned for Dignity is deceptively deep. Reading it feels like a stroll through the park, yet really the reader is being guided through deep woods. Pratt teaches us about human nature, the image of God, the covenants of Scripture, the progress of redemptive history, and the kingdom of God -- all subjects one would find in a biblical or systematic theology. Yet learning these topics from Pratt is easy and refreshing.


Turkish Title:  Oruç Hıristiyanlıkta Bir Yaklaşım

Original Title:  How To Fast Successfully

Author:  Derek Prince

ImageDerek Prince's clear, Biblical explanations of fasting are sure to motivate his readers.  Succinct, Scripture-based and practical, the book is brief but convincing. Fasting is no longer the territory of far-off saints; it's a powerful tool that we can use daily to better know our awesome God.

Calvin's Own Exposition

Turkish Title:  Kutsal Kitap Hıristiyanlığı

Original Title:  Institutes of the Christian Religion

Author:  John Calvin

ImageJohn Calvin left behind and enormous heritage: a commentary on the Bible, extensvie writings and many theological disputations, confessions and catechisms. He was perhaps the finest expositor of the Bible who ever lived and The Institutes are a deep analysis of the Christian life. Those who tire of the fluff found in many contemporary Christian bookstores will rejoice in this in-depth, Bibical classic on the Christian life.  

The Free-Will Debate

Turkish Title: İradenin Tutsaklığı

Original Title: Bondage of the Will

Author: Martin Luther

Image A classic work, Luther's response to Erasmus within the debate of free will and presdestination. Erasmus stated that since God demanded obedience He must have made obedience a possibility for His creation. Luther maintaines that humankind is incapable of the obedience demanded by God and are therefore also incapable of working out their own salvation.

What can the Turkish Church Contribute to the Worldwide Church?

Turkish Title: Türk Teolojisine Doğru

Original Title: Towards a Turkish Theology

Author: Ziya Meral

ImageWhy Turkish theology? What is meant by Turkish theology? What should be its foundation? What should the content and form of Turkish theology be like?

Should its main theme be hope? How can we express our theology, or how should we shape it?

Dr Bruce Milne explains the basics

Turkish Title: Tanrı Öğretisi

Original Title: Know the Truth

Author: Bruce Milne

ImageAll of the basic doctrines such as: the existence of God, the Trinity, the names of God, the nature of man, the person and accomplishments of Christ, the church, the end times!