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Study Aids

Holman Major Reference Guide

Turkish Title:  Holman Kutsal Kitap Rehberi

Original Title:  Holman Bible Handbook

This very practical tool brings an understanding of the ancient world together with the timeless message of God's Word to expand Biblical insights for the modern readers. It is a great resource for getting the whole "big picture" of the Bible. The full-colour makes it attractive, and it is a mini-theological library in one volume. It has over 2,000 articles, written by over 250 authors, meaning a range of theological positions are represented.

Yeni Yasam's New Turkish Study Bible

Turkish Title: Yeni Yaşam Açıklamalı Kutsal Kitap

Original Title:  Word of Life Study Bible

Image The Yeni Yaşam Study Bible places a special emphasis on how Bible study relates to life in the Spirit, so a system of 12 symbols is used to highlight texts relating to different themes to be applied to daily life, such as spiritual gifts, spiritual fruit, healing, witnessing, worshiping, and living obediently. 

This study bible is called YAK for short to differentiate it from the other Turkish Study Bible. It is a translation of the Word of Life Study Bible, and is a joint venture between a US publishing house and Yeni Yaşam.

The Turkish Study Bible

Turkish Title: Açıklamalı Kutsal Kitap

Translation of Title:Study Bible


The Turkish Study Bible is now available!

This is not a translation of a western Study Bible: A faithful and diligent team of Turks and foreigners have worked for over six years on producing notes and introductions that are relevant for Turks and Turkey!

Available in three editions: Leather and gold: 75 TL, Hardback, dark blue cover with traditional lettering: 65 TL, Hardback, light blue cover, aimed more at youth: 65 TL

Overview of Doctrine and Theology

Turkish Title: Hıristiyan İlahiyatı

Original Title: Systematic Theology

Author: Wayne Grudem

Image A well organized, concise, and informative compilation of many different doctrines including but not limited to the doctrine of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, Redemption, the Church, and the Future. Grudem emphasises in his writing that every doctrine must be entirely formed upon Scripture and communicates each truth with easy to understand terminology, concluding each section with practical application and encouragement.

Bible History Atlas

Turkish Title: Kutsal Kitap Tarihi Atlası

Original Title: Lion Atlas of Bible History

Author: Paul Lawrence

ImageThis is a gorgeous book full of well-researched detail and overflowing with lavish illustrations, timelines, maps and photographs on every page. It describes the history, geography and archaeology of the Bible adding richness and depth to our understanding of Bible times.

Study Aids - Full List of Titles

Study Aids available currently: 

Açıklamalı Kutsal Kitap (Study Bible), 65 TL, publisher: Yeni Yaşam 

Hıristiyan İlahiyatı (Systematic Theology) by Wayne Grudem, 20 TL, publisher: Yeni Yaşam

Holman Kutsal Kitap Rehberi  (Holman Bible Handbook) 65 TL, publisher: Yeni Yaşam ♣ NEW Mar 2012