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Sunday School Materials

Nehemiah the Wall Builder

Turkish Title: Nehemya Çalışma Kitabı

Translation of Title: Nehemiah Workbook

Author: Rhonda Wiest

ImageWorkbook prepared for Kucak's summer camp, this lively activity book for ages 8 to 11 teaches children about Nehemiah.

With stories to read, pictures to colour and many puzzles to solve.

Also includes memory verses .

Adventures in the Bible for Children

Turkish Title: Kutsal Kitap'ta Yolculuk

Translation of Title: A Journey Through the Bible 

Author: Dale Yerton

Image Containing enough material for a weekly Sunday School or club lasting 3 years, this series of lessons for children takes us from Genesis to Revelation.

Each lesson is a double-page spread and contains a page telling the story for 8-11 year olds, then a page with a memory verse, a simple set of questions, and a picture to colour.

Sticker Book for Easter

Turkish Title: İsa Dirildi Çıkartmalı Kitap

Original Title: The Easter Story Sticker Book

Author: Lois Rock 

Image Enjoy learning about the story of Easter with this fun and colourful sticker book! The story Holy Week and the First Easter Sunday is brought to life with this interactive book that young children will love. It contains many colourful stickers, which children need to stick in the right place. Also included is a two page spread about the life of Jesus.

A great Easter gift or an activity book to use in Sunday School.

Noah's Ark Sticker Activity Book!

Turkish Title: Nuh'un Gemisi Oyun Kitabı

Original Title: Noah's Ark Playtime

Author: Lois Rock 

Image This fun activity book includes full-page puzzles, games and stories - all based around the story of Noah - with a page of stickers to use to complete the activities throughout.

This handy and bright book will be welcomed by parents and carers looking to entertain active children during holidays, on journeys, or to fill the time on a rainy day.

Ideal for Sunday Schools! 

The Life of David 2

Turkish Title: Davut - 2

English Translation of Title: David 2

Author: Harriet Cornelius

Image The publishers, Kucak, say "Created as a workbook for our 2004 Holiday Adventure Camp, this book follows David’s early life through stories, activites, puzzles and songs." And this is the second book in the series of David's life. Your children will enjoy learning about David's life.

Lessons from the Life of Elisha

Turkish Title: Elişa

English Translation of Title: Elisha

Author: Harriet Cornelius

Image This Sunday children’s program curriculum workbook features five lessons revolving around the life of Elisha: Elisha takes Elijah's place (the mantle), Elisha helps the widow (the jar of oil), the rich woman and the resurrected son (raising the widow's son), Naaman is saved from his skin disease (Naaman the leper), the army of men and Elisha (seeing the host of heaven).