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Poetry & Prayer

Short poems for meditation

Turkish Title: Bütün İyi Şeyler Rab'ten Gelir

Translation of Title: All Good Things Come From the Lord

Author:  İzzet O'nundur

Image This collection of short poems that can be used for meditation in your quiet time daily over a period of three months is dedicated to the memory of Necati Aydın, Tilmann Geske and Uğur Yüksel who died because of their service in spreading the good news of the gospel to the people of our land.

Each line of each poem has a Bible reference to encourage you in further study of the theme of the poem.

How Should I Pray?

Turkish Title: Nasıl Dua Edeyim

Original Title: Eine Einfaltige Weise zu Beten, für Einen Guten Freund

Author: Martin Luther

Image In 1535, Luther wrote and published “A Simple Way To Pray” dedicated to his barber, Peter Beskendorf. His barber had asked him for some guidelines on how he might improve his prayer life. In response, Luther wrote this 35-page book which became so popular that 4 editions were printed that first year alone.

Facets of Prayer

Turkish Title: Yüreğin Duası

English Title:  Facets of Prayer

Author:  Frans Bakker

Image  A brief but remarkable study of the life of prayer. With great simplicity and directness of style it covers a variety of important themes: prayer in secret, humility, effective prayer, unfulfilled prayer, and various other important topics. Originally published with the title Facets of Prayer, it has also been published in English under the title Praying Always.

An Indian's Prayers

Turkish Title: Kurtuluş Mesajı Dualar

Original Title: Prayers of Salvation

Author: Matthew Naikomparambil

Image We are used to thanking God for our health, our success, anything good and beautiful. But these prayers remind us to thank God for everything he gives us, for our illnesses as well as for our health, and for our poverty as well as for our riches. Though at first reading these prayers might feel surprising, the reader will soon learn to treasure the deep truths they comunicate.

The Power of Prayer

Turkish Title: Duanın Gücü

Original Title: The Power of Prayer

Author: E. M. Bounds

Image Prayer is how we talk to God, and it is an essential part of any Christian's life. Christ himself said, "Men ought to pray and not to faint." Edward Bounds echoes the words of our Saviour and teaches about the Father who desires to hear from us. In this small classic, Edward Bounds shows from the scriptures the importance of prayer, the power of prayer and God's desire for prayer.

Why is Prayer Necessary?

Turkish Title: Yalvarış

Original Title: Intercessory Prayer

Author: Dutch Sheets

ImageDoes God really listen? Why does God who is all powerful want us to pray? Do prayers make a difference? Does God care about the little things? If He doesn't answer does that mean He doesn't care?