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Biography and Autobiography

Faith Tried and Tested

Turkish Title: Tanrı'nın Yeraltı Dünyası

Original Title: In God's Underground

Author: Richard Wurmbrand

Image A cell three paces by three paces, endless cold and complete isolation for three years. In God's Underground, shares the unbelievable story of Richard Wurmbrand during his imprisonment in a Communist party coup. Suspect of being a spy, Wurmbrand was arrested for preaching the Gospel and publicly standing up for Christ .

Indian Girl Finds Jesus

Turkish Title: Mimoza

Original Title: Mimosa

Author: Amy Carmichael

Image A captivating story of a young Hindu girl living in India whose life was irrevocably turned upside down in an instant. After hearing there was a God who loved her, she desperately followed Him through dramatic trials and years adversity.

Life Changing Faith

Turkish Title: Göksel Babamın Kucağında

Original Title: I Dared to Call Him Father

Author: Belkıs Şeyh

The life-changing story of a wealthy Pakistani woman who encounters the God of the universe in a dream and forever has her life turned upside down. Risking the loss of her status, family and friends, even her life, Bilquis Sheikh chooses to follow the Lord who called her from her old life into the light of truth. An incredible read for anyone as well as a resource for insight into the Muslim heart.

A Faith Adventure Story

Turkish Title: Ejderhayı Kovalamak

Original Title: Chasing the Dragon

Author: Jackie Pullinger

Image Hidden in the other-worldly alley ways of the Walled City heroine houses, prostitution, unchecked corruption, violence and other practices thrived in seclusion from the outside world. If you were not a resident you were not welcome. Police were non-existent unless a forward band of outside officers dared enter infrequently. No one with any sense would go to such a place. But Jackie Pullinger did.

Richard Wurmbrand

Turkish Title: Mesih Uğruna İşkence Çekmek

Original Title: Tortured for Christ

Author: Richard Wurmbrand

Image A powerful story for all generations to read. Imprisoned and tortured for vocalising his steadfast and relentless faith, Richard Wurmbrand's story of his life is known worldwide as his best work. After being converted to Christ after World War II Richard and his wife Sabina dedicated their lives to sharing the Gospel despite severe oppression and opposition, in communist Romania.

Joni: Faith Despite Disability

Turish Title: Joni'nin İnanılmaz Hikayesi

Original Title: Joni

Author: Joni Eareckson

 Image An incredible must-read story of a young woman who must face a life or paralysis after a diving accident. Her story of faith and perseverance through trial and hardship is touching and lasting. Follow Joni's story from the accident, two years of rehabilitation and on to her life as a wife, famous speaker writer. Hers is a life of testimony to the power of God and faith in His Son.