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Biography and Autobiography

The Life Story of Mother Teresa

Turkish Title: Rahibe Teresa, Sevgi Görevlisi

Original Title: Mother Teresa--Experiencing the Person, the Mission, and the Legacy

Author: Sam Wellman

ImageWhat can one committed Christian accomplish in a world of great need?  The life-story of Mother Teresa provides a glowing example for us, as we are approaching the ten-year anniversary of her death.  This easy-reading, novelized biography Rahibe Teresa, Sevgi Görevlisi wıll challenge and inspire every reader.

Godly Women Taking on the World

Turkish Title: Cesaret Abideleri

Original Title: True Grit

Author: Deborah Meroff

ImageA wake-up call to the crises facing women around the world today. Told through the experiences of nine courageous women and including hard-hitting 'Vital Statistics' files, Cesaret Abideleri shares the inspiring true stories of 'ordinary' women who, with God's help, are making a difference in places as Tajikistan, India, Egypt, and Lebanon.

Miraculous Healing

Turkish Title: Peçesiz Yüz

Original Title: The Torn Veil

Author: Gulshan Esther/Themla Sangster 


The true story of freedom and miraculous healing as a Muslim girl finds faith in Christ. When Gulshan Esther, a devout Muslim girl, was six months old, typhoid left her a cripple. After many years of pain and suffering and eventually crying out to God, she experienced Jesus in a vision. 

Violent Gang Leader becomes Christ Follower

Turkish Title: Eroin Kurbanı

Original Title:The Cross and the Swtichblade

Author: David Wilkerson

This Christian Classic has been a well loved title in Turkey. The wonderfully powerful, real-life story of gang member and drug addict rescued into new life is a challenging and inspiring message for anyone.Can we really make a difference in the world? What has God called us to do with the message of life and hope that we now carry within us.

Faith Refined by the Fire of Persecution

Turkish Title: Göksel Adam

Original Title: The Heavenly Man

Author: Paul Hathaway and Brother Yun


The remarkable true story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun one of China's house church leaders a man who despite his relative youth has suffered prolonged torture under the Chinese regime and imprisonment for his faith. 

Life Stories - Full list of titles

The following biographies and autobiographies are currently available:

Bana Güneşi Anlat (Explain the Sun to Me) by Nevres Kırdar, 5 TL, publisher: Müjde

Bu Benim Halkım (The Story of Gladys Aylward) by Mildred Howard, publisher: Kucak

Büyük Sınav (The Great Test) by Johannes Reimer, 5 TL, publisher: Thales