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Mark's Gospel: How Jesus Lead and Taught

Turkish Title: İsa'yı Örnek Alan Önderlik

English Title: Jesus Driven Ministry

Author:  Ajith Fernando

Image Solid examination of Jesus' foundational ministry principles from the gospel of Mark. This is a great book for anyone involved in Christian ministry on a full time or part time capacity. The insights and truths described in the book are so valuable in today’s ministry. Ajith draws the reader back to some basics which we often forget.

What Does the Bible Say About Church Leaders?

Turkish Title: Kutsal Kitap İhtiyarlığı

Original Title: Biblical Eldership

Author: Alexander Strauch

ImageWith over 150,000 copies sold, this comprehensive look at the role and function of elders brings all the advantages of shared leadership into focus. Beginning with the four broad categories of eldership (leading, feeding, caring, and protecting), Biblical Eldership explores the essential work of elders, their qualifications (including why qualifications are necessary), their relationships with each other, and each of the biblical passages related to eldership.

Leadership Lessons From Jesus

Turkish Title: İsa Gibi Yönetin

Original Title: Lead Like Jesus 

Author: Ken Blanchard

ImageBlanchard and Hodges have written a comprehensive and concise manual for all that desire to equip themselves to lead like Jesus and to follow His mandate to be servant leaders, rather than self-serving leaders. Blanchard maintains that we all are leaders, whether we are parents, teachers or even business CEOs.

Pam's Comments on Leadership Titles

We are grateful to Pam for allowing us to use her comments on books dealing with leadership issues. 

Kutsal Kitap İhtiyarlığı   A detailed Biblical study of the subject of elders. 

Yeni Ahit Görevlisi (Diakon) The author's goal is to help Christians understand the necessity for and vital importance of New Testament deacons so that the needy, poor, and suffering of our churches are cared for in a thoroughly Christian manner.   

Posted: 20 March 2008

Leadership Books - Full List of Titles

The following books on Leadership are currently available:

İhtiyacımız Olan Önderlik (The Leadership We Need) by Richard Baxter, 10 TL

İsa Gibi Yönetin (The Leadership Style of Jesus) by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges

İsa ve Önderlik (Jesus and Leadership) by Michael Yossef, 12 TL, publisher: Müjde

İsa'yı Örnek Alan Önderlik  (Jesus Driven Ministry) by Ajith Fernando, 15 TL, publisher: Haberci ♣ NEW Dec 2010