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Evangelistic Materials

Gospel Coalition Booklet

Turkish title: Müjde Nedir?

Original title: What is the Gospel?

Author : Bryan Chapell

What is the gospel? Bryan Chapell explains that the gospel is the message that God sent a savior to rescue broken people, restore creation’s glory, and rule over all with compassion and justice.

This new booklet from the Gospel Coalition examines the gospel’s proclamation that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ provides for those who believe all that God requires and leads to eternal life.

God is Love

Turkish Title: Allah Sevgidir

Translation of Title: God is Love

Author: Can Nuroğlu

ImageThis book starts from the question "Is it possible to know God?" It answers this by considering why God created man, how mankind got into such a mess, how God can save us, and how we can experience God's love. "This book which you have in your hands .. will clearly show you what the real love of God is, and isn't. As you read it, you will see your own shortcomings, and learn how to overcome these faults." - Ahmet Güvener

Famous German Pastor Explains the Gospel

Turkish Title: İsa Tek Yol mu?

Original Title: Jesus Unser Schicksal (Jesus Our destiny)

Author: Wilhelm Busch

Image Pastor Busch was relatively unknown outside of Europe, but over the years since his death in 1966 his reputation has grown. This book is loaded with descriptive analogies and stories that reveal the great walk of this Christian from the trenches of France to the Gestapo prisons of Nazi Germany to the struggle with post war secularism. The personal salvation story of Pastor Busch is even more compelling than the history he experienced.

The Key to Living the Life of Your Dreams

Turkish Title: Hayalde Kalan Yaşam

Translation of Title: Life in Your Dreams

Author: Ahmet Güvener

ImageWhy does our life, which starts with such wonderful dreams, end in such disappointment? Will we ever be able to realise our dreams in this world, or will our hopes always be dashed? Are we living in a dream-world if we think we can ever be happy? We long for a life where we are at peace with ourselves, and where our words and actions are in line with our thoughts. Where can we find such a life?

Understanding Dreams

Turkish Title: Allah'tan Gelen Rüyaları Anlamak

English Title: Understanding Dreams From God

Author: Breslin & Jones

 Image Testimonies have poured in from all corners of the world, testifying that God still speak through dreams.

We know that he used dreams in the past, but does he still use them today? Is it possible that he speaks through our dreams to break through our pride, reach out to those who have never heard of him, and even warn us of danger?

Questions about God

Turkish Title: Tanrı'yı Arayışın

Original Title: Your Quest for God

Author: Richard Bennett 

Image Is there really a God?

What is God like?

Does God really love me?

Where can I find life?

and other questions........