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Dealing with Life's Problems

A practical guide to deliverance from evil spirits

Turkish Title: Özgürleşme

Original Title: Unbound

Author: Neal Lozano

ImageMany Christians find themselves struggling with a particular sin or dysfunction. They seek counselling, practice confession, and pursue God-centered lives, yet still these genuine believers feel hopeless in finding freedom. Could they be under the influence of evil spirits? Yes, says author Neal Lozano. In Unbound, he reveals Satan's strategies and the sneaky "entrance points" Satan finds to get a toehold in a Christian's life.

Sexual Counselling

Turkish Title: Cinselliğin Doğası

English Title: The Nature of Sexuality

Author: Ros & Mike Buckley with Gerdien & Sjoerd Poorta

Magazines, advertisements, the latest fashions, films - all of these daily innundate us with messages about sexuality and its purposes. It can be difficult to hold on to a Biblical perspective. This book does just that; it teaches us how we ought to view our sexuality. It talks about sexuality both within marriage and for those who are unmarried.

What Does God Say About Trials?

Turkish Title: Zorlukların Üstesinden Gelmek

Original Title: How to Handle Adversity

Author: Charles Stanley

Image Problems happen. Difficulties arise. Dreams crash. People hurt each other. Life does not always go as we plan for it to. What happens when we are opposed by circumstances, when our hearts are broken, when it feels like God is not there or even does not care? Charles Stanley proposes answers to these questions and more, acknowledging that hard times do come. 

Maintaining a Healthy Balance

Turkish Title: Sınırlar

Original Title: Boundaries

Author: Dr Henry Cloud

Image A follower of Christ is called to "die to self," to give up their lives for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Yet burnout and destruction often occur in the lives of those who have given all in the name of love. Drs Cloud and Townsend address the issue of living a servant's life from a biblical perspective, revealing how to establish boundaries that provide health and protection for you while remaining a resource for those in need.

Dealing With the Pain of Rejection

Turkish Title: Dışlanma ve Tanrı'nın Çözümü

Original Title: God's Remedy For Rejection

Author: Derek Prince

Image  People suffer greatly when their relataionships are damaged or broken. This book offers help to those who are suffering like this, who are caught in the cross-fire, and experiencing the pain of rejection.

60 pages, 11x18 cm.

Counsellor's Handbook

Turkish Title: Danışmanın El Kitabı

Original Title: The Christian Counsellor's Pocket Guide

Author: Selwyn Hughes

Image Helping someone who is going through difficult or problematic days is not just a job for the experts. It is a responsibility that every person can take. In fact most of us every day say comforting words as we are talking to someone, maybe without realising it.