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Church History

Church Fathers From Anatolia

Turkish Title: Anadolu'nun Azizleri

Translation of Title: The Saints of Anatolia

Author: Hanspeter Tiefenbach

Image Archeologist, church historian, and long-term resident of Turkey Hanspeter Tiefenbach presents a fascinating biography of famous names from the history of the early church who lived in Asia Minor, modern Anatolia.

From companions of St Paul to the Stylites, Tiefenbach introduces us to a colourful array of men and women who lived out their faith here. Their lives are an inspiration to us all, even today.

Story of the Malatya Martyrs

Turkish Title: Kanlı Eller Beyaz Kaftanlar 

Translation of Title: Blood-stained Hands, White Robes 

Author:  Uğur Saçkesen

Image Many around the world will remember the deaths of Necati Aydin, Ugur Yuksel and Tilmann Geske.  They lived and died for Christ.  We honor them. 

This book tells their story, including detailed descriptions of the events of 18th April 2007 and the events which followed.   

Malatya: A National Scandal

Turkish Title: Nefret

Translation of Title: Hatred

Author: İsmail Saymaz

Image Turkish journalist İsmail Saymaz investigates the reasons for the martyrdoms in Malatya. "This is a good investigation by a good journalist. His determined hardwork and stubborn insistence on following the news means he is not afraid to handle a tricky subject." Özgür Mumcu

Biography of Martin Luther

Turkish Title: Martin Luther Kutsal İnanç Adamı

Original Title: Uskon mies: Martti Lutherin elama

Author: Eino Sormunen

 Image  Martin Luther is remembered as the person who turned the Christian world of the Middle Ages upside down. This reformer, who wanted to correct the errors he found in the chruch, translated the Bible into the language everyday people spoke and called people to return to the basis of the Bible. He defended with great courage the teaching that sinful man cannot be saved by his own good works, but only by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Famous Syrian Orthodox Monastery

Turkish Title: Tarih ve Yaşam Deyrulzafaran Manastırı

Translation of Title: History and Life the Deyrulzafaran Monastery

Author: Yakup Bilge

Image The Deyrulzafaran Monastery in south-eastern Turkey is one of the most wonderful examples of early Christian architecture, and it is noted for having been the seat of the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch for over seven centuries. This book introduces the reader not just to the architecture of the monastery but also to its history.

The Oldest Surviving Syrian Orthodox Monastery in the World

Turkish Title: Mor Gabriel Manastırı

Translation of Title: Mor Gabriel Monastery

Author: Yakup Bilge

ImageYakup Bilge has written a fascinating, informative and colourfully illustrated guide to this beautiful monastery, set on the Tur Abdin Plateau near Midyat, in Mardin province. This is still a working community today, and the monks speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus. The monastery draws tens of thousands of visitors each year. It is regarded as "the Second Jerusalem" by this ancient church.