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Living the Christian Life

Purpose Driven Life

Turkish Title: Maksatlı Yaşam

English Title: Purpose Driven Life

Author: Rick Warren

Rick Warren helps readers discover, develop and fulfill God's purposes for their life.

This fully revised second Turkish edition contains a daily plan for reading the Bible in a year, the Purpose Driven Life spiritual health check, extra discussion questions for groups, and much more.

A Timeless Classic: The Spiritual Battle

Turkish Tiltle: Gizlisonda Mektuplar

Original Title: The Screwtape Letters

Author: C. S. Lewis

ImageScrewtape is an experienced devil. His nephew Wormwood is just beginning his demonic career and has been assigned to secure the damnation of a young man who has just become a Christian. In this humorous exchange, C. S. Lewis delves into moral questions about good versus evil, temptation, repentance, and grace. Through this wonderful tale, the reader emerges with a better knowledge of what it means to live the Christian life.

Putting God First

Turkish Title:  Tanrı'nın İlk Şeyler Yasası

Original Title:  God's Law of First Things

Author:  Mike Hayes

ImageThere are many who say God is first, yet their words have not penetrated the practice of their daily lives. Mike Hayes puts in in layman's terms why we're supposed to put God first in our finances and other areas. Lordship goes far beyond money - it is an issue of the heart. But our finances are a good place to start. 

How to Forgive

Turkish Title:  Şaşırtan Bağışlama

Original Title:  Revolutionary Forgiveness

Author:  Eric E. Wright

Image "What gift could we give our family, our church, our community that would make the greatest difference to the greatest number of lives? If we learned to forgive, as Christ forgave we could revolutionize our surroundings."
 • read this book to heal broken relationships
 • use in home Bible studies or adult classes in

Blessing Through Stewardship

Turkish Title: Kâhyalık İlkeleri

Original Title: Thoughts on Stewardship

Author: Rodney M. Howard-Browne

Image It amazes me how many people in the Body of Christ, worldwide, think that God is obligated to bless them, no matter how they live their lives—whether or not they obey or serve Him! However, God’s Word is plain.  The blessing comes from loving Him and serving Him.


Classics from JC Ryle

Turkish Title:  Tanrı'yla Yürüyüş

Original Title:  Walking With God

Author:  JC Ryle

ImageAn abridged edition of a classic theologian, this practical guide contains a summary of two of Ryle's most well-loved books: Holiness and Practical Religion. Thoroughly evangelical in his doctrine and uncompromising in his principles, John Charles Ryle was a prolific writer, vigorous preacher, and faithful pastor.