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Living the Christian Life

On holy love

Turkish Title: Kutsal Aşk

English Title: 

Author: Sonya Antil

Image When we obey everything that the holy love of Jesus has put a desire for in our hearts we will be serving the Father and exalting Him. Christ puts this love in our hearts; this emotion is from above, and is not just a natural love. God will bring about his purpose in having us make this love known. It enables us to worship and praise Him. This is the aim of our life.

Taming the Tongue

Turkish Title: Dilini Dizginlemek & Dilini Doğru Kullanmak

Translation of Title: Bridling Your Tongue and Using Your Tongue Correctly

Author: İlhan Keskinöz

ImageTeaching by a Turkish pastor covering the Bible's teaching on the fear of God, how to bridle the tongue in spiritual maturity, and how to use your words in a way that pleases God. He contrasts the words and works of someone who is following in God's ways, and has a life controlled by the fear of God, with the words and works of one who is following their own way, living controlled by the flesh.

Practical Teaching from the Parables

Turkish Title: İsa Mesih'ten Altın Öyküler

Translation of Title: Jesus Christ's Golden Stories

Compiled by: Joseph Farland

Image Discover the life changing words of wisdom to be found in the parables of Jesus: Mercy shown to sinners who repent, Rebuking of hypocrites, Encouragement to love our enemies, Warnings about Judgement Day and many more. This book contains extracts from the Gospels, bringing together Jesus' teaching. They are arranged by subject that touch practical areas of the Christian Life such as Forgiveness, Justice, Money, Patience, Responsibility ...

Understanding How God Loves Us

Turkish Title: Lütuf ve Bağışlanma

English Title: Grace and Forgiveness

Author: John & Carol Arnott

Image John Arnott shows how grace and forgiveness are seamlessly intertwined. We can only truly understand grace once we understand God's love towards us. Once we grasp the fundamentals of His love and grace, then we can understand that forgiveness extended towards others and ourselves is an essential, non-negotiable part of life in Christ. This book teaches us how to live in grace and practice forgiveness regularly.

20 Attributes of a Godly Man

Turkish Title: İdeal Adamın Özellikleri

English Title: Measure of a Man

Author: Dr Gene A Getz

Image Is true masculinity measured by a man's strength? His endurance? His ability to serve others? Gene Getz draws upon the Apostle Paul's letters to Timothy and Titus to present God's Word on manhood.

Men will gain encouragement for what they can be in Christ - as fathers, husbands and mentors to other men.

Discovering the Secret of A Man's Soul

Turkish Title: Özgür Yürek: Erkek Ruhunun Sırrını Keşfetmek

English Title: Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of A Man's Soul

Author: John Eldredge

ImageThis is a fantastic book. It deals with the universal feelings in men of deep anger, inadequacy and often lust. Men want to be men but seem to be born with a limp - never quite being able to be manly from the core of their beings. The result is a pretence: Macho man, effeminacy or as most wives can relate to an irresponsible inertia.