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Books for Children

Gift Book About Heaven

Turkish Title: Bana Cenneti Anlat

Original Title: Tell Me About Heaven

Author: Randy Alcorn

ImageTen-year-old Jake struggles to understand his grandma's death. But as he spends two weeks at his grandfather's home, he is able to receive answers to his questions about Heaven.

As Jake and Grandpa fish, watch the stars, and take long walks, Grandpa shares what the Bible says about the reality and beauty of Heaven.

Loving Others

Turkish Title: İyi Samiriyeli

English Title: The Good Samaritan

Author: Lois Rock 

Image Who is my neighbour?

In a land where often society teaches children to distance themselves from those who can be described as "the other" - ötekiler - Jesus' teaching about loving and caring across divides is as relevant as when He first told this parable.

Help your children discover it in both English and Turkish.

A family who served God

Turkish Title: Musa ve Ablası

English Title: Moses and His Sister

Author: Lois Rock 

Image God put us in families for a reason! Moses would have been put to death as a baby if the Lord had not led his mother and older sister and an Egyptian princess to save him. His sister Miriam went on to be a worshipper when she saw the mighty things God did for His people through the leadership of Moses and Aaron. A beautiful presentation of a timeless story for children, in English and Turkish side-by-side.

The Lord's Prayer for Children

Turkish Title: Babamız

English Title: Our Father

Author: Lois Rock 

Image We all learn to say the Lord's Prayer by heart. But do we understand what each line means. This delightful dual language (Turkish and English) book for children presents each sentence of the Lord's Prayer with an explanation. Ideal for teaching children about their loving Heavenly Father and how to pray to Him, or for those wanting to learn the Lord's Prayer in a different language.

Creation: Dual Language Bible Story

Turkish Title: Başlangıçta

English Title: In the Beginning

Author: Lois Rock

Image Following on the success of hardback dual-language Bible stories printed with English and Turkish side by side, the next four titles in the series have been published in cheaper paperback editions. In the Beginning introduces children to the Genesis story of a loving creator God and shows how sin entered the world. 

Christmas Story for Children

Turkish Title:İlk Noel

English Title: The First Christmas

Author: Sophie Piper

ImageThe fourth in the dual language series: Favourite Stories From the Bible - Kutsal Kitap'tan Sevdiğim Öyküler - children's Bible story books in Turkish and English. Great for a Christmas present for a young child, this book tells the Christmas story from Mary's engagement to Joseph, right through to the Flight into Egypt. The emphasis is on God's choice of a family for His Son to be born into, the Son who will grow to be very special, and be the Saviour of the world.