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For Group or Self Study

Classic College Text for NT Study

Turkish Title: Yeni Antlaşma'ya Genel Bakış

Original Title: A Survey of the New Testament

Author: Robert H Gundry

Image  Robert Gundrys now classic survey of the New Testament has been a mainstay for college and graduate courses around the world, having been used by thousands of professors and students.One thing about A Survey of the New Testament that has not changed throughout revisions in English editions: its premise. Unlike most New Testament surveys, this book leads students to actually read the Bible. Topics and issues discussed in the text are linked whenever possible with assigned readings that expose the reader to the entire New Testament. 

Practical Studies from Abraham to Paul

Turkish Title: Yaşayan İman

Translation of Title: Living Faith

Author: Dale Yerton

Image This A4 size book contains 10 Bible study series, with a number of studies per series, each focusing on a different character in the Bible.

They are suitable for doing on your own or in a group, and contain some teaching and explanations on the passage in hand and a fill the blanks style question section.


Sinclair Ferguson on Ephesians

Turkish Title: Efesliler'e Mektup'u Çalışalım

Original Title: Let's Study Ephesians

Author: Sinclair B. Ferguson

Image In Let's Study Ephesians Sinclair Ferguson skillfully leads us through this wonderful letter, explaining its teaching with masterful simplicity and showing its importance and relevance to the church today. Designed to be used by individuals, in family devotions, or by groups, each volume of the Let’s Study series features an exposition of the text of Scripture and contains a study guide.

Developing Christian Maturity

Turkish Title:  Değisen Yaşam Serisi: Yakup

Original Title:  James (Lifechange Series)

ImageBy faith we are reborn into the family of God. Absolutely, agrees James. But God wants more than justified infants; He wants mature daughters and sons. Faith is foundational, but it must be genuine, proven faith, evident to the world. James's exhortation is a challenge to Christians of every age to keep growing up.

Choosing Leaders

Turkish Title:  Değisen Yaşam Serisi: Titus

Original Title:  Titus (Lifechange Series)

ImageTo a faithful disciple establishing a young church, the Apostle Paul wrote earnestly of the need for Christians to put doctrine into practice-to behave in ways that would "make the teaching about God our Savior attractive." Paul's guidance for choosing Christian leaders and training church members is an inspiring call for all Christians to live out their faith in good works prepared for God's people.

Handling Crises in a Christian Manner

Turkish Title:  Değisen Yaşam Serisi: Kolosililer ve Filemon

Original Title:  Colossians and Philemon (Lifechange Series)

ImageTwo crises in Colosse send visitors to Paul in prison. First, an old friend brings news that false teachers are belittling Christ, laying down rules, and boasting of secret knowledge beyond the gospel. Then, a runaway slave begs Paul to ask his Christian master for mercy.